Hot Heating supply's and Install Ist Pew Heaters in Kilmeford Church In Oban

HotHeating would like to introduce to our new exciting efficient heating concept of Infra-red heaters which have been successfully install in Kilmeford church in Oban. 

 HotHeating have developed an infrared pew heater and cover which the National Trust Historic Scotland have embraced, subsequently this has now been supplied and installed by HotHeating in Kilmeford church in Oban The church was looking for a more efficient, healthy type of heating, and through a thorough search of products, they agreed to install these pew heaters as it cleared all of these factors. The concept of these heaters was to simply heat the parishioners and not empty spaces.

The heaters were discreetly positioned within the pews in which they have exhaled out an efficient, comfortable and healthy heat, thus enabling the parishioners to enjoy their much awaited service on a Sunday in comfort. More Importantly , is not escaping the excellent efficiency of these heaters which the church committee will benefit from allowing them to reduce their wastage of funds on unnecessary heating bills , which traditional heating concepts offer. Furthermore Hot Heating through excellent workmanship had managed to discreetly install these pew heaters so they would not intrude in the beautiful surroundings that this church has to offer.

(Kilmeford church in Oban)